Pondělí v 20:02
Acantholimon alatavicum rose flws. 40.-
Aethionema iberideum white flws 40.-
Aethionema subulatum pink flws 40.-
Allium carolinianum pink rose flws Kyrgyst. 40.-
Androsace darvasica white flws Kyrgyst 45.-
incana white flws Bajkal 40.-
limpichtii white flws China 40.-
mariae white flws Chin 40.-
nortonii rose pink Nepal 50.-
ovczinnikovii white flws 45.-
pavlovskyi white flws Kyrgystan 45.-
rigida rose flws China 50.-
robusta v.purpurea red purple flws. Nepal 50.-
robusta v.robusta rose flws, Indie 50.-
sempervivoides dark pink flws, Indie 40.-
spinulifera red flws , China 40.-
yargonensis white flws, China 50.-
villosa v. barbulata white flws Caucasus 40.-
Anemone pavonina red flws, Greece 100.-
Anthemis carpatica yellow flws Bucegi mts. 40.-
Aquilegia dinarica pale blue flws, Komovi 40.-
Arenaria festucoides white flws, Indie 40.-
Arenaria globifera white flws, Nepal 40.-
Armeria caespitosa bright rose flws, Spain 40.-
Callianthemum alatavicum white flws, Kyrgystan 90.-
Callianthemum coriandrifolium white flws Mont Cenis 70.-
Campanula aucheri blue violet flws Turkey 40.-
Campanula rupicola blue violet flws, Greece 40.-
Campanula topaliana blue flws, Greece 40.-
Coluteocarpus vesicaria white flws Turkey 40.-
Crocus banaticus purple violet flws, Romania 40.-
Cyananthus incanus violet flws, China 40.-
Cyananthus microphyllus violet flws, Indie 40.-
Cyananthus longiflorus violet flws China 45.-
Centaurea sp. Pamir violet flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Ceterach officinarum 40.-
Dianthus arpadianus ssp.pumilus pink flws Turkey 40.-
Dianthus brevicaulis rose pink flws, Turkey 40.-
Dianthus glacialis ssp. gelidus rose-pink flws, Bucegi mts. 40.-
Dianthus kuschakewiczii white flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Dianthus microlepis v. musalae rose-pink flws Pirin 40.-
Dianthus myrtinervius ssp. caespitosus rose pink flws Greece 40.-
Draba rosularis yellow flws, Turkey 40.-
Draba parnnasica yellow flws Greece 40.-
Draba dedeanna white flws Alpy 40.-
Draba oreades yellow flws Kyrgystan 40.-
Draba olgae yellow flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Draba setosa white flws Kyrgystan 40.-
Dianthus simulans rose-pink flws, Greece 40.-
Dracocephalum diversifolium blue flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Dracocephalum origanoides blue flws, Kyrgystan 45.-
Dracocephalum nutans blue flws, Kyrgystan 45.-
Edraianthus graminifolius blue flws, Greece 40.-
Edraianthus horvaticii blue flws, Makedonia 40.-
Edraianthus montenegrinus blue flws, Komovi 40.-
Edraianthus niveus white flws, Bosna 45.-
Edraianthus pumilio blue flws Biokovo 40.-
Edraianthus serpyllifolius blue flws, Biokovo 40.-
Edraianthus tarae white flws, Makedonia 50.-
Edraianthus vesovicii blue flws, Makedonie 45.-
Eremostachys speciosa bright yellow flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Erigeron aurantiacum yellow flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Erigeron multiradiatus red-violet flws, Kyrgystan 40.
Erysimum humillinum yellow, flws, Kyrgystan 40.--
Fibiqua triquetra yellow flws, Makedonie 40.-
Gentiana georgei violet flws, China 45.-
Gentiana kaufmanniana big pale blue flws, Kyrgystan 45.-
Gentiana kyrilovii pale blue flws, Kyrgyst. 40.-
Gentiana lhassica lila-blue flws, China 40.-
Gentiana olivieri blue flws, Kyrgyst. 45.-
Gentiana straminea pale yellow flws. China 40.-
Gentiana veitchiorum dark blue flws, China 40.-
Gentiana wilsonii pale blue flws, China 40.-
Gentiana macrophylla blue flws, China 40.-
Gentiana tianschanica blue flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Geum montanum yellow flws Pirin mts, 40.-
Gypsophilla cerastioides white flws, Indie 40.-
Hepatica falconeri white flws, Kyrgyst. 150.-
Iris attica yellow flws, Greece 40.-
Iris pumila yellow flws, Makedonie 40.-
Iris suaveolens yellow flws, Makedonie 40.-
Iris sintenisii blue flws, Makedonie 40.-
Iris schachtii yellow flws, Turkey 40.-
Iris potaninii pale blue flws, Kyrgyst 60.-
Iris lactea blue flws, Kyrgyst 40.-
Iris elegantissima white-black flws. Turkey 200.-
Iris sprengeri pale braun flws, Turkey 140.-
Iris sarii braun-blue flws, Turkey 100.-
Juno graberianna blue flws 80.-
Juno af. galatica 80.-
Korolkowia sewerzowii yelowish to purple flws , Kyrgystan 80.-
Leontopodium ochroleucum white flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Leontopodium jacotianum white flws, Indie 40.-
Leontopodium stracheyi white flws, Nepal 40.-
Linum suffrutescens white flws, Spain 40.-
Minuartia graminifolia white flws, Makedon. 40.-
Minuartia juressii white flws, Turkey 40.-
Oxygraphis glacialis yellow flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Orostachys spinosa Kyrgystan 40.-
Phlomis capitata yellow flws Turkey 40.-
Primula algida rose flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Primula pulchella rose flws, China 45.-
Primula pedemontana rose flws, Mt.Cenis 40.-
Primula kaufmanniana rose flws, Kyrgystan 45.-
Primula spectabilis rose pink Dolomity 40.-
Potentilla porphyrantha rose pink, Iran 40.-
Ptylotrichum purpureum rose pink Spain 50.-
Pyrethrum karelinii white flws, Kyrgystan 40.
Pyrethrum transsiuliensis white flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Pulsatilla albana white flws, Alpy 40.--
Pulsatilla campanella blue-brown flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Ranunculus alpestris white flws, Dolomity 40.-
Ranunculus bilobus white flws, Dolomity 40.-
Ranunculus albertii yellow flws, Kyrgystan 50.-
Ranunculus crenatus white flws, Bosna 40.-
Ranunculus gregarianus yellow flws,Spain 40.-
Rosularia alpestris rose flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Rosularia turkestanica pale rose flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Salvia quezelii white flws, Turkey 45.-
Silene atropurpurea purple flws, Greece 40.-
Silene huguettia green-yellow flws, China 40.-
Saponaria lutea pale yellow flws, Alpy 40.-
Scabiosa songarica pale violet flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Soldanella alpina blue flws Alpy 50.-
Sternbergia lutea yellow flws, Greece 60.-
Smelowskia calycina pinkish or white flws, Kyrgystan 40.-
Tofieldia pusilla white or pinkish flws, Bajkal 40.-
Veronica kotschyana blue flws, Turkey 40.-
Veronica allionii blue flws, Mt.Cenis 40.-
Ramonda serbica violet flws, Makedonie 70.-
Saxifraga callosa white flws, Alpy 40.-
Saxifraga muttata white flws, Dolomity 40.-
Saxifraga x akinnfievii orange flws, Kavkaz 45.-
Saxifraga federicii-augusti ssp. grisebachiana dark purplish flws Makedonia 45.-
Saxifraga Blanka white 40.-
Saxifraga Cumulus white flws 40.-
Saxifraga Dora Ros rose flws 40.-
Saxifraga Mother of Pearl rose flws 40.-
Saxifraga Orava pale rose flws 40.-
Saxifraga Titanic white flws 40.-
Saxifraga Vladana pale rose flws 40.-

Staněk Vladimír
Strojírenská 801
26401 Sedlčany
Czech Republic

Seed list 2017/2018 (1.)

6. ledna 2018 v 13:49
AWild seeds list 2017 - 2018.
The seeds were collected mainly i Sechuan, Yunnan,Tien Shan, Alai, Pamir,Himalai, Turkey,Dolomity and others.
Payments can be made by bank transfer or by check or Western Union
Smallest order is 10 bags of seeds.
Please send hen ordering spare species.
Identifida + 8-12 seeds in one serving.
Plant seeds without marked 20 and your.
Price categories A-2€, B-2.5€, C-3€, D-3.5€,E-4€,F-4.5€,G-5€
Postage prices in Europa 6€, Overseas -8€
Staněk Vladimír
Strojírenská 801
26401 Sedlčany
Czech Republic
1.Acantholimon acerosum 1500m, Karavan, Turkey
Compaq grep-cushions, pink flws, 5-10cm, sunny stony hills B 2013
2 Acantholimon alatavicum 2400m, T .Shan, Kyrgyztan
Silver Compact cushions, 10-15cm, pink rose flws, stony slopes D
3.Acantholimon araxanum 2000m, Caldiran,Turkey
Compaq silver cushions,pink flws,10-15cm,sunny stony hills B 2013
4.Acantholimon Arménům 2300m, Sipikor Dag, Turkey
Silver cushions,pink. Flws, 10-15cm, stony slopes C
5.Acantholimon caryophyllaceum 2200m, Artos Dag, Turkey
Digger cushions to 40cm, pink flws,10-20cm, stony slopes B 2013
6.Acantholimon hedenii 3200m, Pamir, Kyrgyztan +
Mountain steppe,spiny cushions, 2-5cm, pink flws, G
7.Acantholimon kotschyi ssp.laxispicatum, 1800m, Kopp pas, Turkey
Silver grey cushions,pink flws,10-20cm, stony slopes B 2013
8.Acantholimon knoringianum 2700m, Talas ala-too Kyrgyztan
Silver Compact cushions, 10-20cm,pink rose flws,stony places D
9.Acantholimon lycopodioides, Ladak 4200m, India
Small densegrey spined cushions,pink flws,10-15cm, dry sunny slopes C 2014
10.Acantholimon sarytavicum 3200m,Pamir, Kyrgyztan
Silver Compact cushions, 10-20cm,pink rose flws,sunny stony slopes, D
11.Acantholimon saxifragiforme 2400m, Harput, Turkey
Green Compact cushions, pink flws, 10-15cm, dry hills, E
12.Acantholimon spirizianum 2500m, Mengene Dag. Turkey
Silver Compact shrublet, pink flws, 10-20cm, dry hills 2013 C
13.Acantholimon tianschanicus, 3200m. Pamir, Kyrgystan +
Fine limestone scree, 2-5cm, rose flws, xeric cushion plant, G
14.Acantholimon ulicinum 2200m , Boz Dag,,Turkey
Grey-green cushions, 10-15cm, pink flws,stony slopes D
15.Acantholimon ulicinum v. purpureum, 1600m, Dirmill Pass, Turkey
Simile to above,bracts purple,good big flws, stony slopes D
16.Acantholimon venustum 1600m, Salda lake, Turkey
Silver Compact cushions,red-rose flws,sunny slopes C
17.Acantholimon sp. 3100m, Pamir,Kyrgyztan
Silver cushions, pink flws, 10-20cm, stony alpine meadows, D
18.Acantholimon sp. 3200m, Pamir, Kyrgystan +
Very dwarf Compact silver cushions, lvs.1-2mm,1-2 stemless white to pink flws F
19.Aconitum af. Handelianum.4300m,Chola Shan, China
Erect plant,20-50cm,blue-violet flws,alpine meadows, 2015 C
20.Aconitum tanguticum, 4400m, Da-Xue-Shan, China
Tufted plant,20-30cm,pale blue flws,alpine meadows, 2012 A
21.Aconitum naviculare, 4300m, Annapurna, Nepal
Tufted plant,20-30cm, pale blue flws, alpine meadows, 2015 B SOLD
22.Aconitum nemerosa, 2400m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
20-35cm erect plant,pale blue flws,alpine meadows, B
23.Adonis turkestanica 3200m, T.Shan, Kyrgystan
20-30cm,yellow flws,tufted plant,stony alpine meadows, F
24.Aethionema oppositifolium 2600m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Very dwarf cushions,pale pink flws,5cm,limestone rocky slopes C
25.Aethionema oppositifolium, 2400m, Tahtali Dag, Turkey
As above,diffrent lokality C
26.Aethionema iberideum 2300m, Tahtali Dag, Turkey
Dwarf suffruticose plant,big white flws,5-10cm,limestone rocks C
27.Aethionema cordatum 2100m, Ermenek, Turkey
Small prostrate pl.grey linear lvs,rose flws, 5-10cm,stony slopes C
28.Aethionema caespitosa 2100m, Pont.Alps, Turkey
Dwarf Compact cushions, almou stemless rose-purple flws, stony slopes D
29.Aethionema lepidioides 2300m, Sipikor Dag. Turkey
Dwarf Compact, cushions, 5-10cm,pale pink flws,stony slopes C
30.Aethionema saxatile,2100m, S.Nevada, Spain
Dwarf plant, 10-15cm, pink rose flws, stony slopes 2016 A
31.Aethionema subulatum 2500m, Dedegol Dag, Turkey
Dwarf Compact cushions,bright pink flws, limestone rocks C SOLD
32.Aethionema stylosum, 2500m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Leafy stems 10-15cm,white flws,stony slopes B
33.Achillea ageratifolia 1800m, Durmitor
Silvery-grey plants,15-25cm,white flws,stony slopes , 2014 A
34.Achillea allepicassp.zederbaueri, 2100m, Karaman, Turkey
Very good dwarf silver-grey plant, 5-15cm,yellows flws, dry hills C
35.Achillea falcata 1600m, Sultan Dag, Turkey
Silvery lanate linear lvs,yellow flws, 10-25cm, sunny stony slopes B
36.Achillea atrata 2000m, Fagaras, Romania
Silvery-grey plant, 10-20cm,white flws,stony sloves B
37.Achillea gypsicola 1200m, Cankiri, Turkey
Compact cushions, big golden flws, 10-20cm, big scapes, B
38.Achillea holosericea 1800m, Mavrovo, Monte Negro
Cushions of pinnate white lanate lvs,yellows flws,15-30cm, limestone rocks, 2014 A
39.Achillea armerum 1900m, Ak Dag, Turkey
Dosely tufted plants,15-30cm,white flws, rocky slopes B
40.Ajania scharnhostii 2100m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan

Small cushions,10-15cm,yellow flws, alpine grassland 2016 A

Seed list 2017/2018 (2.)

6. ledna 2018 v 13:48
41.Allium chrysanthum 4400m,Anyemaqueen Shan, China
10-20cm,yellow flws,stony slopes meadows.2013 A
42.Allium flavum 2000m, Pirin, Bulgaria
10-20cm, yellows flws,slpine stony meadows, 2016 A
43.Allium karataviense 1800m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Lanceolate lvs,10-15cm, flws pink in umbells 5cm wide 2016 B
44.Allium atrosanquinea 2400m, T.Shan, Kyrgystan
10-20cm pink flws.linear lws,alpine meadows B
45.Allium carolinianum T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Limestone scree, 10-25cm, rose flws in4cm wide umbells D
46.Allium sp. 2800m, Ala Archa, Kyrgystan
10-20cm pale blue flws,stony alpine meadows B
47.Allium sp. 3200m Pamir
10-15cm,yellows flws, stony alpine meadows, C
48.Allium sp. Talas Ala-Too, Kyrgystan
10-15cm,white-rose flws, linear lvs, alpine grassland C
49.Alyssum Arménům, 2000m, Kagizman, Turkey
Dwarf dense silvery-grey cushions,golden yellow flws, 5-10cm,stony slopes C
50.Alyssum corningii 1600m, Karaman, Turkey
5-10cm,dwarf silvere cushions,yellow flws, stony slopes C
51.Alyssum lepidotum 2600m, Palandoken, Turkey +
Very dwarf Compact cushions,yellow flws, 5-8cm, sunny stony hills F
52.Alyssum lepidoto-stellatum 1800m, E.of Sivas, Turkey
Compact silver cushions,yellow flws,5-10cm, stony hills D
53.Alyssum tetrastemon 2000m, Sultan Dag, Turkey
Dwarf grey plant 4-8cm,many yellow flws,stony slopes B
54.Allysoides utriculata 1800m, Gumusane, Turkey
10-25cm high,yellow flws, limestone scree A
55.Androsace bisulca ssp.aurata 4000m,Shaluli Shan
Dwarf Compact green cushions,5-10cm, yellow flws, on scapes 2015 D
56.Androsace darvasica 3100m,Alai, Kyrgyztan
Caespitosa-cushion pl. 3-5cm, white flws, subalpine rocky slopes E
57.Androsace akbaitalensis 4100m, Pamir, Kyrgyztan
Small lax cushions, 3-5cm,white creame flws,3cm stems, granit scree G
58.Androsace dasyphylla 2800m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Compact cushion,white flws,2-5cm, alpine grassland E
59.Androsace lehmanniana 3100m, Tlas Ala-Too, Kyrgyztan
Alpine grassland,miniature caespitosa pl. 2-5cm,white flws F
60.Androsace limprichtii 4220m,Da.Xue-Shan, China
Stoloniferous plant, 5-10cm, white flws,alpine meadoiws 2015 C
61.Androsace mariae 4200m, Min Shan, China
Compact cushions green lvs,white flws, 5-10cm, stony slopes 2015 c
62.Androsace mariae v. thibetica 4100m, Anyemaquen Shan, China
Compact cushions,white flws,5-10cm, stony slopes 2015 C
63.Androsace ovczinnikovii 3000m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Silvery green lvs, 5-10cm,white flws, mountain slopes F
64.Androsace pavlovskyi 3800m, Pamir, Kyrgyztan
Small green lvs. 2-5cm, white flws, grassy meadows,stony slopes F
65.Androsace sarmentosa 3600m, Rothang. Pass, Indie
Stolonif. Tufted rose fles, 5-10cm,, grassy slopes 2014 A
66.Androsace sarmentosa v. watkinsii 3800m, Langtang, Nepal
Cushions od silvery lanate,rose pink flws, 5-10cm, alpine meadows, 2012 A
67.Androsace studiosorum, 3600m, Roth. Pass, India
Stoloniferous plant.5-10cm,pink rose flws,malpine meadows 2014 B
68.Androsace strigillosa 4100m, Annapurna, Nepal
Cushion of several rosettes,5-10cm,deep purplish,red flws,alpine meadows, 2013 B
69.Androsace robusta v.purpurea 4100m, Annapurna, Nepal
Small cushions,2-5cm,red purple flws,stony alpine meadows, 2013 E
70.Androsace robusta v. robusta 4300m, Ladakh, Indie
Small cushions,2-5cm,rose flws, stony alpine meadows 2014 E
71.Androsace sempervivoides 4100m, Roth.pass, Indie
Cushions or mat sof dark green rossetes,3-7cm,dark pink flws,alpine meadows, 2014 D
72.Androsace spinulifera 4300m, Shaluli Shan, China
Cushion of several rosettes,stems 5-10cm,red flws,alpine meadows 2015 D
73.Androsace villosa 1600m, Apuanske Alpy, Italie
Dense silver cushions,white flws,5-10cm,sunny stony slopes 2012 B
74.Androsace minor 4200m, Da-Xue-Shan, China
Compact cushions,2-5cm,fine silicite scree, pink flws, 2015 D
75.Androsace villosa 2300m, Gok Pinar, Turkey
Dense silver cushions, 2-5cm, white flws, stony slopes C
76.Alcea nudiflora 2100m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Tufted peren, 50-80cm, white flws,in summery alpine meadows A
77.Anemone baldensis 2100m,Durmitor, Makedonie
Tufted plant, 10-15cm,white flws,stony slopes meadows 2015 B
78.Anemone narcissiflora v. crinita 2100m, Sajan Mts, Russia
Tufted plant,20-30cm, white flws, alpine meadows, 2014 A
79.Anemone proctrata 1800m, Bajkal, Russia
Tufted plant.20-30cm white flws,alpine meadows, 2014 A
80.Anemone proctrata 2900m, Talas Ala-Too, Kyrgystan
As above,diffrent lokality, A
81.Anemone polyanthes 3100m, Roth.pass, Indie
Tifted plant, 20-30cm, white flws, alpine meadows 2014 B
82.Anemone rupicola 4500m, Garwal Himal. Indie
Tufted plants,10-20cm,big white flws, rocks open flws, 2014 D
83.Anemone vitifolia 3800m, Annapurna, Nepal
Tufted plant,20-60cm,white flws,shruberries, 2013 A
84.Anemone rivularis 3600m, Min Shan, China
Tufted peren,20-40cm, white to pale rose flws,alpine meadows 2012 A
85.Anchonium elichrysifolium 2500m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Dosely tufted plants,10-25cm,grey lanata lvs,yellow flws,limest.stony slopes D
86.Anthemis cretica ssp.columnae, Kajmackalan, 2100m, Greece
Small silvery-grey cushions,white flws, 5-15cm,acidic stony slopes 2015 A
87.Anthemis cretica ssp. Cretica 2100m, Suva Gora, Makedonie
Small silvery lvs, white flws, 5-15 cm, stony slopes 2014 B
88.Anthemis cretica ssp. Cretica 1900m, Parnass Mts. Greece
The same from plant other lokality 2014 A
89.Anthemis carpatica 2400m, Bucegi, Romania
Silver cushions lvs,white flws, 10-20cm,stony slopes 2015 A
90.Anthemis sipikorensis 2200m, Sipikor Dag. Turkey
Silvery-green cushions,dark yellow flws,10-20cm,alpine meadow B
91.Anthyllis aurea 1500m, Konovska planina, Bulgaria
Compact grey cushions,bright yellow flws, 10-20cm,sunny stony slopes 2014 A
92.Anthyllis montana 1700m Biokovo Mts, Sloivinsko
Silvery-white tomentose cushions,white flws,10-20cm, limest. Rocky slopes 2014 A
93.Anthyllis taidae 1800m, S.Nevada , Spain
Compact silvery cushions,white flws,10-20cm, limest.rocky slopes 2016 B
94.Aquilegia dinarica 2200m,Komovi, Monte Negro
Tufted plant,20-35cm, pale blue flws, alpine meadows, 2014 A
95.Aquilegia atroviolacea 2200m, T.Shan, Kyrgystan
Tufted plant,20-30cm,pale blue flws,alpine meadows, 2016 A
96.Aquilegia sibirica 30-40cm, Sajan Mts. Russia
Tufted plant,30-40cm,pale blue flws, alpine meadows 2014 A
97.Aquilegia skinneri
Tufted plants,15-25cm, white-rose flws, garden A
98.Aquilegia velebetica 1800m, Velebit Mts.
Tufted plants, 20-30cm,pale blue flws, alpine meadows 2014 A
99.Arabis bryoides 1800m, Vermion Mts. Greece
Compact hairy green cushions,5-10cm. Big white flws,limestone rocks,2014 A
100.Arabis drabiformis 2200m, Ulu Dag, Turkey
Dwarf cushions green rosettes,white flws 10-15cm, rocky slopes A
101.Arenaria acerosa 2000m, Sultan Dag, Turkey
Green cushions,white flws,5-10cm, stony slopes, B
102.Arenaria drypidea 2200m, Ercias Dag, Turkey
Low plant woody at base, creamy flws,10-15cm, stony slopes A
103.Arenaria festucoides 4000m, Roth. Pass, Indie
Compact pale green ,white flws,5-10cm, stony places 2014 C
104.Arenaria globifera 4100m, Annapurna, Nepal
Compact green cushions,5-10cm, white flws,rocky slopes 2013 C
105.Arenaria muscoidea 4100m, Zh. Pass, China
Hard Compact cushions,white flws,5-10cm,stony places 2015 D SOLD
106.Arenaria pseudoacantholimon 1800m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Green cushions,white flws,5-10cm,stony slopes A
107.Arenaria polytrichoides 4400m, Da-Xue-Shan, China
Very dense cushions,solitary stemless,white flws,5-10cmstony slopes 2015 D SOLD
108.Arenaria sp. 2100m Biokovo Slovinsko
Compact pale green cushions,white flws,rocky slopes 2014 A
109.Arisaema flavum 3200m, Garhwall Himal, Indie
Erect stems,10-25cm,brownish-yellow flws,alpine meadows 2014 C
110.Arisaema jacquemontii, 3500, Marhi, Indie
Pinnate lvs,15-30cm,greenish flws,alpine meadows,forests 2013 B
111.Arisaema tortuosum 2700m,Garhwal Himal. Indie
Robust plant,50-80cm,greenish yellow flws,forest clearings 2014 B
112.Arisaema erubescens 3500m, Annapurna Nepal.
Erect stems, 30-50cm, brownish-yellow flws, alpine meadows 2014 B
113.Arisaema sp. 3100m, Langtang, Nepal
Erect stems 30-40cm flws, forests 2013 A
114.Armeria caespitosa 1800m, quadarama, Spain
Dwarf Compact cushions, 5-10cm,bright rose flws,rocky places, 2016 D
115.Arenaria serpyllifolia Talas Ala-Toosu, 3500m, Kyrgyztan

Limestone crevices,5-15cm,large white flws, D

Seed list 2017/2018 (3.)

6. ledna 2018 v 13:47
116.Arnebia euchroma 3500m, Pamir, Kyrgyztan
Very dwarf cushions, 10-15cm,big dark violet flws,sunny stone meadows F
117.Arnebia densiflora 2100m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Very dense cushions,many golden flws, 20-35cm, sunny stone meadows E
118.Asperulla abchasica
Dwarf cushions, 5-10cm, pale pink flws, gerden 2015 A
119.Asperulla nitida ssp. Hirtella 2100m, Sultan Dag, Turkey
Tuft of small cushions,pale pink flws, 2-8cm stony slopes B SOLD
120.Asphodeline taurica 1400m, Konovska hills, Bulgaria
Sunny stony hills,densy tufted peren,white flws, 20-35cm 2015 A
121.Aster alpinus 2500m, Pirin, Bulgaria
Small tufted plant,10-15cm,blue flws, limest.rocky slopes 2014 A
122.Aster alpigenus ssp.andersonii
Small tufted plant,10-20cm,blue flws, rocky slopes,garden 2015 A
123.Aster batangensis 4400m, Shaluli Shan, China
Dwarf subshrub,10-20cm,pale-blue violet flws, sunny slopes 2015 A
124.Aster falconeri 4100m, Rothan. Pass, India
Tufted plant,big blue flws,10-20cm,alpine meadows, 2014 B
125.Aster flaccidus, 4100m, Sergu, China
Dwarf subshrub,10-20cm,pale blue violet flws,alpine meadows, 2014 A
126.Astragalus acaulis 4300m, Shaluli Shan, China
Dosely tufted dwarf plant,yellow flws,5-10cm, alpine meadows, 2015 E SOLD
127.Asyneuma compacta 2500m, Sultan Dag, Turkey
Dwarf Compact cushions, 2-8cm,blue violet flws, limestone rocks D
128.Asyneuma limonifolium 2200m, Ulu Dag, Turkey
Tufted peren, 10-25cm, pale blue flws, places C
129.Asyneuma linifolium 2100m, Honaz Dag, Turkey
Tiny plant 10-20cm,pale blue flws,limestone rocks C
130.Asyneuma lyceum 2300m, Tahtali Dag, Turkey
Very dwarf plant,5-8cm,severa\l blue flws,limestone rocks, D
131.Asyneuma virgatum 1800m. Taskhent, Turkey
Tufted plants 10-20cm,violet flws,alpine meadows, C
132.Aubretia canescens 2000m, Degol Dag, Turkey
Grey Compact cushion,violet flws, 5-10cm, rocky slopes B
133.Aubretia canescens ssp.cilicica 2100m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Very Compact cushions,5-10cm,pale violet flws, limestone rocks, B
134.Aubretia deltoidea 1600m,Boz Dag,Turkey
Grey-green cushions,5-10cm,pale violet flws,rocky slopes A
135.Aubretia pinnardii 2100m, Sultan Dag, Turkey
Grey-green cushions, 5-10cm,purple flws, stony slopes B
136.Asyneuma limonifolium ssp. Pestalozzae 2000m, Boz Dag Turkey
Dosely tufted plant,blue flws, 5-15cm, limestone rocks B
137.Callianthemum alatavicum 3400m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Cold alpine scree,5-10cm,grey-gree lvs, white flws, F
138.Campanula argyrotricha 4000m, Annapurnan Nepal
Ascending-erect branched stems, 10-25cm,blue violet flws,shrubberies 2013 A
139.Campanula albertii, 3500m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Dense tufts cushions,green lvs, 10-20cm,pale blue flws,rocks-screes C
140.Campanula aucheri 2700m, Pontic Alp, Turkey
Compact cushions,solitare blue flws, 5-10cm,stony slopes B
141.Campanula argunensis2400m, Ikizdere, Turkey
Compact cushions,blue violet flws,5-10cm, stony slopes B SOLD
142.Campanula bornmuelleri 2400m, Artos Dag, Turkey
Dense cushions,2-4blue flws,10-15cm, rocky slopes D
143.Campanula choruhensis 2200m, Tortum, Turkey
Leafy stems,big creamy flws,10-15cm, acidis rocks D
144.Campanula betulifolia 1800M, Gumusane, Turkey
Dense tufts or small cushions, dark violet flws,5-15cm, rocks crevices C
145.Campanula myrtifolia 1600m, Ojuklu Dag, Turkey
Very dwarf cushions,white to pale blue flws,1-5cm,limestone rocks G
146.Campanula orbelica 2000m,Bucegi Mts. Romania
Monocarpic plant,10-20cm,many of blue flws,10-15cm, alpine meadows 2013 B
147.Campanula alpina ssp.bucegiensis, 2400m,Bucegi Mts. Romania
Dwarf beautiful plants,5-10cm, blue flws, alpine meadows 2015 C
148.Campanula incanescens 3100m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Very small plants,blue flws, 5-10cm, rock crevices D
149.Campanula pallida 3900m, Garwal himal. India
Dwarf beautiful plant,2-5cm,blue flws,rocks crevices 2014 D
150.Campanula pallida 3900m, Garwal Himal, India
Dwarf beautiful plants, 2-5cm, pale rose flws, rocks crevices, 2014 D
151.Campanula rupicola 1800m, Parnass Mts. Geece
Decumbent stems 10-15cm, blue violet flws, limestone rocks, D
152.Campanula solida, 3600m, Zhong.Mts. China
Very small plants,blue flws,5-10cm, rocks crevices 2015 D
153.Campanula stricta ssp. Libanotica 2400m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Low plant 5cm,stems 5-15cm,blue flws,limestone rocks slopes C
154.Campanula stricta ssp. stricta 2100m, Ak Dag, Turkey
Erect stems 15-25cm,,many of blue flws,sunny stone slopes B
155.Campanula teucrioides 2100m, Boz Dag, Turkey
Dwarf grey-green cushions,decumbent stems 5-10cm, blue flws, acidis scree E
156.Campanula topaliana 1600m, Parnass Mts. Greece
Silvery hairy cordate lvs, many of blue flws,5-10cm, rocks, monocarp C
157.Campanula tridentata 2100m, Pontic Alp, Turkey
Compaq cushions,narrow green lvs,blue flws,5-10cm, alpine meadows, D
158.Campanula pusilla 2000m, Tremalzo, Italia
Creeping leafy stems 5-15cm, blue flws, limestone rocks crevices B
159.Cassiope fastigiata 4000m, Roth.pass, Indie
Cushions of erect branches,10-15cm,white flws,alpine meadows, 2014 D
160.Centaurea drabifolia ssp. dentosa, 2400m Sultan Dag, Turkey
Tufted plant linear scabrous green lvs,yellow.flws,10-20cm, rocky slopes C SOLD
161.Centaurea deflexa 1900m, Taskhent, Turkey
Tuft or small cushions,yellow flws,10-15cm,stony ridges C SOLD
162.Centaurea pestalozzae, 2000m, Boz Dag, Turkey
Very Compact dwarf cushions,yellow flws, 10-15cm, stony ridges E
163.Centaurea sp. 3100m, Pamir, Kyrgyztan
Tuft or small cushions,pale violet flws, 10-20cm, alpine stone meadows, D
164.Cistus albanicus 1700m Albanie
Doorat shrubs,30-50cm, white flws,sunny rocky hills 2013 A
165.Cistus creticus 1500m, Kaz Dag, Turkey
Small shrub to 40cm,rose pink flws,sunny slopes 2013 A
166.Cistus laurifolius 1800m Dedegol Dag, Turkey
Very doorat. Shrub,to 1m, big white flws, A
167.Cistus parviflorus 1600m, Boz Dag, Turkey
Small shrubs,20-40cm, pink rose flws, sunny rocky hills A
168.Clematis songarica 2200m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Very atractiv shrub.0.50-1m,white flws, rocky hills C
169.Clematis turkestanica 3600m,T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Porter branches to 2m, white flws,dry mountain steppe,,,,B
170.Clematis sp. 4000m, Qillian Shan, China
Simile to above but more robust,fruit over 10cm,gross meadows, 2013 A
171.Codonopsis bulleyana 4200m, Shaluli Shan, China
Low plant with pale green,20-30cm,alpine meadows,shrubs, 2015 B
172.Codonopsis nervosa 3500m, Min Shan, China
Simile to above,bud smaller blue flws,shrubs, meadows, 2015 B
173.Codonopsis thalictrifolia 4400m, Shaluli Shan, China
Simile to above,blue flws, shrubs,meadows 2015 B
174.Colchicum doerfleri 2100m, Galicica, Makedonia
Spring flws,10-15cm, lila flws, stony alpine meadows E
175.Colchicum hungaricum 2200m, Karadzica, Makedonie
10-15cm, spring lila flws, alpine stony meadows E
176.Colchicum kesselringii 3800m, Pamir, Kyrgyztan
Limestone scree,7-10cm,sparing creamy flws, E
177.Convonvolus compactus 1800m, Saldo lake, Turkey
Dwarf Compact cushions,white flws, 5-10cm,mountain steppe D
178.Convonvolus calvertii 2100m, Erzincan, Turkey
Very dwarf cushions,green-grey hairy lvs, 5-10cm, white flws,mountain steppe F
179.Convonvolus holosericeus 1800m, Bozkir, Turkey
Leafy decumbent stems,10-20cm, white flws,dry slopes D
180.Convonvolus phrygius 1600m, Salda lake, Turkey
Simile to C. compactus,but not to silver 2-5cm, white flws,stony slopes F
181. Convonvolus tragacanthoides 2300m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Dwarf Compact cushions,white flws,10-15cm,sunny dry slopes F
182.Cortusa Brotheri 3500m Marhi, India
Hairy dentate lvs,red rose flws, 15-20cm,shady places D
183.Cremathodium arnicoides 4000m, Garwal Himal, Indie
Taller peren, 50cm,several big yellow flws,alpine meadows, 2014 B
184.Cremathodium ellisii 5500m Ladakh, India
Low to plant 25cm,solitary noding yellow flws,moist stony places 2014 B
185.Cremathodium nepalense 4300m, Langtang, Nepal
10-20cm,solitary yellow flws,alpine meadows 2012 A
186.Cremathodium potaninii 4300m, Chola Shan, China
Bradly lanceolate lvs,solit. Yellow flws,20-30cm, moist place, 2015 C
187.Cremathodium oblongatum 4200m, Langtang, Nepal
Low plant,solitary yellow flws, 20-30cm open slopes 2012 A
188.Cremathodium reniforme 4500m, Shika Shan,China
Caespitosa pl.10-20cm,yellow flws,alpine grassland 2015 C
189.Cremathodium lineare 3600m,Min Shan, China
Lanceolate lvs,20-30cm, yellow flws,west places 2015 B
190.Coluteocarpus vesicaria 2100m, Bolkar Dag. Turkey

Small plants, white flws, 5-10cm, stony slopes D

Seed list 2017/2018 (4.)

6. ledna 2018 v 13:46
191.Crocus banaticus 1800m, Bucegi, Romania
Purple violet flws,alpine meadows,10-15cm,autumn. Flws, 2016 B
192.Crocus pelistericus 1800m, Kjmackalan, Greece
Purple violet flws,10-15cm,alpine meadows, spring flws, 2015 D
193.Crocus olivieri 2100m Karadzica, Makedonia
Orange flws,10-15cm,alpine meadows, spring flws, D
194.Crocus veluchensis 1800m, Pirin, Bulgaria
Purple violet flws 10-15cm, alpine meadows spring flws, 2015 C
195.Cyananthus incanus 4400m, Shaluli Shan
Decumbent branched stems,10-20cm violet flws,alpine meadows 2015 C
196.Cyananthus longiflorus 3500m, Da-Xue-Shan, China
Dwarf plant 5cm,,big blue flws, with long carolla,stony slopes 2015 D
197.Cyananthus lobatus 4200m, Garwal Himal, Indie
Decumbent leafy stems,10-20cm, big blue-violet flws, alpine meadows 2014 B
198.Cyananthus microphyllus 3500m, Garwal Himal, Indie
Decumbent stems,5-15cm,dark blue flws.alpine meadows 2014 C
199.Cyananthus macrocalyx 4400m, Beima Shan, China
Leafy stems to 10cm,solitary yellow flws,alpine meadows, 2015 D
200.Cytosopsis dorinciifolia ssp.reseena, 1600mn, Dirmil pass, Turkey
Dwarf shrub 5-15cm,orange yellow flws,stony slopes E
201.Cysticorydalis fedtschenkoana 3900m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan +
Limestone scree,rhizomatic pl,8-15cm,long white flws, G
202.Crepis wildenovii 2200m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Tuft or small cushions,white,solitary yellow flws,stony places E
203.Chamaespartinum tridentatum, 1600m, S.Cantabrica, Spain
Low Compaq shrubs,20-40cm,orange yellow flws, sunny stony places 2012 A
204.Chesnea ternata 3100m,T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Dense cushion,pinnate lvs,10-15cm,brownish-yellow flws,stony slopes E
205.Chamaecytisus queneri, 1700m, Kaz Dag, Turkey
Very dwarf Compact cushions,5-10cm, yellow flws, stony places D SOLD
206.Chamaecytisus australis 1800m, Kajmackalan. Greece
Small subshrub,5-10cm, big yellow flws, sunny stony slopes 2015 C
207.Chamaecytisus hirsutus ssp. capitatus 1900m, Pirin, Bulgaria
Beautiful shrubs30-60cm,dark yellow flws, meadows,forest clearings 2015 B
208.Chorispora bungeana 3400m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Dwarf caespitosa plants,large rose flws, 2-8cm,glaciál moraine E
209.Chorispora tenella 3200m, Talas Ala- Toosu, Kyrgystan
The same plants,yellow flws, glaciál moraine F
210. Christolea flabellata 3800m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Dwarf prostrata plants.3-5cm,large rose-violet flws, schist scree F
211.Daphne alpine dwarf
Dwarf shrub 20-30cm, white flws,garden 2016 B SOLD
212.Daphne dominii 1500m, Pirin, Bulgaria
Dwarf shrubs,20-30cm,pinkish flws,sunny stone slopes 2016 B
213.Daphne oleoides 2100m, Bolkar Dag. Turkey
Low shrubs 15-30cm, creamy white flws,stony slopes C
214.Daphne oleoides 1800m, Vermion, Greece
The same plant from other locality 2016, C
215.Daphne transcaucasica
Shrubs 20-40cm, white flws, garden, 2016 B
216. Delphinium cashmerianum, 5200m, Ladakh range, Indie
Beautiful plant,20-35cm, pale to dark blue flws,stony slopes 2014 - D
217.Delphinium confusum 3200m, T.Shan, Kyrgystan
Erect stems 15-30cm,several dark blue flws,stony slopes D
218.Delphinium grandiflorum 3100m, Quinghai, China
20-45cm, big deep blue flws, alpine meadows, 2015 - B
219.Dianthus arpadianus ssp.pumilus 1700m, Kaz Dag, Turkey
Dward Compact hard cushions pink flws stony places 2014 - A
220.Dianthus brevicaulis 2600m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Dwarf cushions,rose pink flws, stony slopes D SOLD
221.Dianthus crinitus 1500m, Baba Dag, Turkey
Tuft or small cushions,white deeply cutted flws,stony hills,10-20cm B
222.Dianthus haematocalyx ssp. pindicola 1800m, Katara pass, Greece
Dwarf cushions, 5-10cm, rose pink flws, stony slopes 2015 - C
223.Dianthus glacialis ssp.gelidus 2400m, Bucegi, Romania
Cushions or linear green lvs, big rose-pink flws, 5-10cm,alpine meadows 2015 - D
224.Dianthus kuschakewiczii 3800m Pamir, Kyrgyztan
Linear glaucous lvs,10-15cm,white several deeply cutted flws,alpine meadows D
225.Dianthus myrtinervius ssp. caespitosus 2300m, Kajmackalen, Greece
Very dwarf Compact, glaucous-green cushions,rose pink flws,stony slopes D
226.Dianthus subacaulis 2100m, Segovia Mts. Spain
Dwarf cushions,5-10cm,pink rose flws, stony slopes 2013 - B
227.Dianthus simulans 2100m, Slavjanka Mts. Bulgaria
Compact cushions 5-10cm,big rose-pink flws,stony places D SOLD
228.Diapensia purpurea 4700m, Da-Xue-Shan, China
Very dense Compact cushions,red purple flws,stony slopes 2015 - E
229.Diplarche pauciflora 4800m, Beima Shan, China
Very dwarf pulvinate subshrub,rose pink flws, alpine meadows, 2015 - D
230.Draba brunifolia ssp. heterocoma 2200m,Tahtali Dag, Turkey
Green cushions,yellow flws,4-8cm.limestone stone slopes B
231.Draba brunifolia ssp. heterocoma 2100m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Like above but form other lokality, B
232.Draba brunifolia ssp. armena 2100m, Aras Dag
Smal green cushions,2-8cm, yellow flws,stony slopes B
233.Draba brunifolia ssp. olympica 2200m, Kaz Dag, Turkey
Very Compact cushion green, dark yellow flws, 2-8cm, stony slopes B
234.Draba polytricha 2400m, Zigana Pass, Turkey
Very dense silver cushions,golden yellow flws,2-8cm,acidic rock crevices D
235.Draba parnnasica 2200m, Parnnas mts. Geece
Very dwarf green cushions, yellows flws, 2-8cm,stony slopes B
236.Draba olgae 3100m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Very dwarf cushions,2-8cm,yellow flws, rocks, B
237.Draba oreades 3200m, Talas Ala-Toosu, Kyrgyztan
Gneis crevices,very dwarf cushions,2-8cm, yellow flws, D SOLD
238.Draba albertii 2900m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Very dwarf cushions,2-8cm,white flws,stony slopes C SOLD
239.Draba rosularis 2400m, Baskale Dag, Turkey
Very dense silver cushions,2-8cm,yellow flws,stony slopes C
240.Draba sp, 3200m Pamiro-Alaj, Kyrgyztan
Very Compact cushions,2-8cm,gneis crevices B
241. Dryadanthe tetrandra 3600m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Alpine grassland,Compact cushion,10-50cm wide,yellow flws, D SOLD
242.Dracocephalum bipinatum 3100m,T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Caespitosa plant, 10-20cm, large purple flws, subnival scree C
243.Dracocephalum diversifolium 3200m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Tufted plant, 10-20cm,glaucus debata lvs, blue flws C
244.Dracocephalum imberbe 3200m, Pamiro-Alaj, Kyrgyztan
Caespitosa plant,10-20cm, dark blue flws,subalpine rocky slope D
245.Dracocephalum nodulosum 3100m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Crenate lanceolate lws,15-20cm,white-creamy flws, subalpine rocky slopes D
246.Dracocephalum nutans 3200m, Talas Ala- Toosu, Kyrgyztan
Very dwarf cushions, green lvs, 5-10cm, purple blue flws, E
247.Dracocephalum oblongifolium 2800m,T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Tufted plant,10-15cm,glauces dentate lvs, blue flws, E
248.Dracocephalum origanoides 3200m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Prostrate mats, 10-15cm,purple blue flws, gneis scree E
249.Dracocephalum paulsenii 3200m, Pamir, Kyrgyztan
Very Compact plant,5-10cm,purple blue flws, alpine meadows,stony slopes F
250.Dracocephalum multicaulis 2100m, Aras Dag, Turkey
Erect-ascending plant,10-30cm,dark blue flws,alpine meadows B
251.Dracocephalum stamineum 3900m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Rough alpine scree,5-15cm,wine flws in 3-4 verticillasters, D
252.Dracunculus vulgaris 1700m, Mavrovo, Makedonia
Very atractive Aracea family,dark blue flws,20-50cm,stony hills, 2015 - B
253.Dryas drummondii
Compact cushion,10-15cm yellow flws, garden 2016 B
254.Ebenus cappadocica 1800m, Karaman, Turkey
Very dwarf cushions, silver lvs, purple flws,5-15-cm, mountain steppe D
255.Ebenus pisidica 1600m, Dirmil Pass, Turkey
Compact cushions, 10-15cm,red-purple flws, sunny stony slopes D
256.Ebenus laguroides 2100m, Ak Dag,Turkey
Large cushions,silky silver lvs. 15-20cm,red flws, stony hills D
257.Ebenus laguroides 1800m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey
As above,diffrent lokality D
258.Ebenus boissieri 1800m, Antalya , Turkey
Very dwarf cushions, silver lvs, purple flws, 5-15cm, stony hills D
259.Ebenus hirsutus 1700m, Karaman, Turkey
Large cushions, silky silver lvs, red-purple flws, 10-20cm,stony hills D
260.Edraianthus caricinus
Small cushions,5-10cm,pale-blue flws, stony slopes,garden 2017 C
261.Edraianthus dalmaticus 1500m, Orjen,Monte Negro
Cushions of linears long lvs,blue flws 5-15cm, limestone rocks, 2015 - C
262.Edraianthus graminifolius 2100m, Olymp mts. Greece
Tufted plants,linear green lvs,blue flws, 10-15cm, limestone rocks C
263.Edraianthus graminifolius 1800m, Vermion mts. Greece
As above diffrent locality 2015 - B
264.Edraianthus graminifolius ssp. apenninus, 1800m, Apenniny mts, Italie
Simile to above,darker blue flws10-15cm, limestone rocks 2015 C
265.Edraianthus horvaticii 1900m, Suva Gora, Makedonia

Grey-green cushions,blue flws, 5-10cm, limestone rocks 2015 - C

Seed list 2017/2018 (5.)

6. ledna 2018 v 13:45
266.Edraianthus glisicii 1800m, Tara pass, Makedonia
Dwarf cushions,dark green flws,big violet flws,5-10cm,limestone rocks 2016 - G
267.Edraianthus jugoslavicus 2100m, Suva Planina, Makedonia
Dwarf cushions,pablue flws, 5-10cm, limestone rocks 2014 - C
268.Edraianthus montenegrinus 1800m, Komovi, Monte Negro
Dwarf cushions,solitare big blue flws, 5-10cm, limestone rocks 2014 - C
269.Edraianthus montenegrinus v.durmitorensis 2100m, Durmitor
Dense dwarf cushions,solitary big blue flws,5-10cm, 2014- C
270.Edraianthus niveus 2300m, Vranica, Bosna
Dwarf cushions,linear dwarf green lvs, white flws, 5-10cm, limestone rocks 2014 - D
271.Edraianthus parnassicus 2100m, Parnass mts, Greece
Tufted plant,linear green lvs, 10-20cm,2-5blue flws,stony places 2016 - D
272.Edraianthus pumilio 1500m, Biokovo, Croatia
Very dwarf dense silver cushions,pale blue flws,5-10cm, 2014- C
273.Edraianthus serbicus 1400m, Konavska hills, Bulgaria
Dwarf cushions,2-4 blue flws, 10-20cm,limestone rocks, 2014 C
274.Edraianthus serpyllifolius 2100m, Biokovo,Croatia
Dwarf cushions,dark green lvs, big violet flws, 2-8cm, limestone rocks, 2014 - C
275.Edraianthus tenuifolius 1800m, Lovcen Mts, Monte Negro
Tufted plant,linear green lvs,violet blue flws, 5-10cm, limestone rocks 2014 - C
276.Edraianthus vesovicii 2300m, Prokletije mts. Makedonie
Dwarf cushions,linear green lvs,big blue flws,2-8cm, limestone rocks 2014 - D
277.Edraianthus wettsteinii ssp.lovcenicus 2100m, Lovcen Mts.,Monte Negro
Very dwarf cushions,linear green lvs,blue flws,5-10cm, limest. Rocks, 2014 - D
278.Ephedra fedtschenkoana 3400m, Pamir, Kyrgystan
Dwarf creeping subshrub,5-10cm, granit crevices C
279.Ephedra gerardina 3800m, Garwal Himal, Indie
Low to shrub 40cm,many green branches,red fruit, stony hills 2014 - A
280.Ephedra monosperma 4100m, Anyemaquen Shan, China
Very dwarf plant,5-10cm,red berries in summer,stony slopes 2013 - A
281.Eremostachys speciosa 3200m, Pamir, Kyrgystan
Tufted plants.20-40cm,big bright yellow flws, stonny hills D
282.Eritrichium tianschanicum 3500m, Pamir, Kyrgystan
Flat hairy cushions,5-10cm,white flws, subalpine grassland F
283.Erigeron aurantiacus 3100m, Bt.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Dark green lanceolate lvs,15-20cm,orange flws,alpine grassland D
284.Erigeron multiradiatus 3500m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Dwarf tufted plants, 10-20cm, big solitary red-purple flws, alpine grassland E
285.Erigeron petiolaris 3200m, Talas Ala -Toosu,Kyrgyztan
Dark green lanceolata lvs, 10-15cm, dark blue flws, alpine meadows C
286.Eriophytum wallichii 4700m, Annapurna, Nepal
Strongle lanate plant,10-20cm,brownish-yellows flws, 2013 - D
287.Erysimum humillinum 3200m, Pmiro-Alai, Kyrgyztan
Small caespitosa plant,10-15cm,green linear lvs, yellow flws,scree E
288.Erysimum alaicum 3200m, Talas Ala-Toosu
Tufted plants,linear dentate lvs, 5-10cm, yellow flws, alpine meadows D
289.Erysimum kotschyanum 2500m, Bolkar Dag. Turkey
Dense cushions linear grey lvs,yellow flws,10-15cm,limestone rocks C
290.Erysimum pulchellum 2100m,Boz Dag, Turkey
Dwarf cushions,lineare green lvs,yellow flws,10-15cm,stony slopes B
291.Erythronium dnes-canis 1700m Pyreneja Spain
Stems 10-20cm,purple flws,alpine meadows 2016 - D
292.Eremurus fuscus 2100m T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Rhizomatic pl, 60-100cm,small orange flws,mountain grassland C
293.Eremurus lactiflorus 2500m, Talas Ala- Toosu, Kyrgyztan
Rhizomatic plants, 80-120cm, creame flws, mountain grassland D
294.Eremurus robustus 150-200cm, T.Shan, Kyrgystan
Tuberose pl. 150-200cm,large white-pinkish flws, subalpine grassland C
295.Eremurus tianschanicus 2300m,T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Rhizomatic pl. 100-150cm,white-pinkish flws, mountain grassland C
296.Eremurus sp. 2500m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Rhizomatic plant,100-150cm dry steppe, C
297.Eremurus sp. Alai mts. Kyrgyztan
Rhizomatic plant,60-80cm, dry steppe C
298.Echium albicans 1800m, S.Nevada, Spain
Dwarf cushions,10-20cm,dark rose flws,stony slopes 2016 - E
299.Fritillaria carica 1600m,Salda lake, Turkey
5-10cm,solitary yellow flws, screes D
300.Fritillaria carica 2200m, Tahtali Dag, Turkey
As above,diffrent locality D
301.Fritillaria armena 1800m, Gumusane, Turkey
Stems 10-20cm,solitary greenish-purple flws, alpine meadows, D
302.Fritillaria montana 1800m, Mavrovo, Makedonie
10-20cm, solitary brownish purple flws, sunny limestone places 2015 -C
303.Fritillaria thessala ssp.ionica 1900m Timfi, Greece
15-20cm,solitary yellowish-green flws,alpine meadows C
304.Fritillaria pinardi 1800m, Kupe Dag, Turkey
10-20cm,purplish-green outsider,orange -yellowish, stony slopes D SOLD
305.Fumana procumbens 1800m, Apuanske Alpy Italie
Dwarf suffruticose plant,many of yellow flws, stony dry hills B
306.Fumana thymifolia 1800m, Salda Lake, Turkey
Simile to above but all plant glaucous smaller, yellow flws,stony slopes B
307.Gaultheria nummularioides 3500m, Langtang, Nepal
Prostrate shrublet,with flws,5-10cm, alpine meadows 2012 - A
308.Gaultheria trichophylla 3700m, Marphi, Indie
Prostrate shrublet,with flws, 5-10cm, black berries, alpine meadows 2014 - B
309.Gentiana arethusae 4500m, Da-Xue-Shan, China
Dwarf plant cushions,pale blue flws,,5-10cm,alpine meadows 2015 - E
310.Gentiana arethusae ssp. delicatule 4300m Beima Shan, China
Very tiny cushions,1-5cm,solitary blue flws,alpine meadows 2015 -F
311.Gentiana atuntsiensis 4200m, Beima Shan, China
Dense tufts of narrow bright green lvs, blue flws,alpine meadows 2015 - B
312.Gentiana algida 4700m, Xivu, China
Dwarf dense tuft,white-blue flws,10-15cm, alpine meadows 2015 -D
313.Gentiana algida 3800m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
As above diffrent locality C
314.Gentiana boissieri 2800m, Bolgar Dag, Turkey
Decumbent leafy stems 5-10cm,big dark blue flws,alpine meadows D
315.Gentiana caelestis 4200m Da.Xue-Shan, China
Ascending leafy stems 5-10cm,solitary pale blue flws, alpine meadows 2015 -E
316.Gentiana decorata 4800m Beima Shan, China
Very dwarf cushions,with big solitary blue flws, alpine meadows 2015 - F
317.Gentiana dinarica 2200m, Komovi,Monte Negro
Compact cushions,very good form,big solitary blue flws,alpine meadows 2014 - C
318.Gentiana dinarica 2300m, Vranica Bosna
As above diffrent locality C
319.Gentiana farreri 4200m Anyemaqueen Shan, China
Leafy stems 5-10cm,bright pale blue flws, moist alpine meadows 2015 - C
320.Gentiana gelida 2300m, Aras Dag, Turkey
Decumbent leafy stems 10-25cm, yellow flws,sunny slopes D
321.Gentiana gelida ssp. uniflora, 2300m, Sipikor Dag, Turkey
Like abovebut stems,5-10cm solitary yellows flws, grassy meadows D
322.Gentiana georgei 4700m Huanglong Pass, China
Dosely tufted plant,10-15cm, rose violet flws big 10cm,stony slopes 2015 - F
323.Gentiana gracilipes 4100m, Qillian mts, China
Small tufted plants,stems 10-15cm,blue violet flws,alpine meadows, 2011 - B
324.Gentiana hexaphylla 3500m, Min Shan, China
Leafy stems 5-10cm,pale blue flws,alpine meadows, 2015 - D
325.Gentiana kaufmaniana 3200m T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Erect leafy stems,10-15cm,very big pale blue flws,alpine meadows F
326.Gentiana kochiana 2100m, Mt. Cenis, France
Narrow grey-green lvs,solitary dark blue flws,alpine meadows C
327.Gentiana crassifolia 4300m, Shaluli Shan China
Robust plant to 40cm,whittish blue flws,alpine meadows, 2015 -B
328.Gentiana erectosepala 4600m, Shaluli Shan, China
Tufted peren,creamy-white flws,20-30cm,cold places,meadows, 2015 - C
329.Gentiana kyrilovii 3100m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Tufted peren,erect scapes to 35cm,blue flws,alpine meadows D
330.Gentiana lhassica 4500m, Quinghai,China
Very small plant 3-5 lila- blue flws,alpine meadows, 2011 - B
331.Gentiana lutea 1800m D.Oreol, Spain
Robust peren 1m,yellow flws, alpine meadows 2012 - A
332.Gentiana nubigena4600m Anyemaquen Shan, China
Dosely tufted,linear green lvs, white-blue flws, stony hills 2015 - D
333.Gentiana occidentalis 2000m, Pyreneje, Spain
Dwarf dense cushions,solitary blue flws, 5-10cm alpine meadows, 2013 - B
334.Gentiana olivieri 2800m, Talas ala-Toosa, Kyrgyztan
Dosely tufted,narrow green lvs,4-10blue flws,10-15cm dry gypsum hills D
335.Gentiana olivieri 2300m, E.of Sivas,Turkey
As above, diffrent locality D
336.Gentiana orbicularis 2500m, Bucegi mts, Bulgaria
Leafy stems to 5-10cm,pale blue flws,alpine meadows D SOLD
337.Gentiana ornata 4200m, Langtang, Nepal
Leafy stems 5-10cm,pale blue flws,alpine meadows 2012 - E
338.Gentiana purdomii 4300m, Chola Shan, China

Dense tufts of linear green lvs.creamy pale yellow flws,alpine meadows, 2015 D

Seed list 2017/2018 (6.)

6. ledna 2018 v 13:44
339.Gentiana prolata 4200m Langtang, Nepal
Leafy stems 5-10cm,very tine blue flws,moist places, 2013 - D
340.Gentiana punctata 2100m, Kajmackalan, Greece
Big plants 30-50cm,big yellow flws,alpine meadows, 2015 - C
341.Gentiana siphonantha 4300m, Anyemaquen Shan, China
Dosely tufted,dark blue flws,10-20cm, stony slopes, 2011 - B
342.Gentiana stipitata v. tizuensis 4200m Chola Shan, China
Dwarf Compact cushions,stems 5-10cm,white to pink flws, sunny slopes 2013 -E SOLD
343.Gentiana straminea 4100m, Qillian, China
Horizontal leave rosette, 10-20cm big pale creamy-yellow flws, alpin.meadows 2013 - B
344.Gentiana striata 3500m,Min Shan,China
Decumbent-ascending plant,10-20cm, big pale yellow flws, shrruberies 2015 - C
345.Gentiana tianschanica 3200m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Tufted perenn.narrow lvs. 10-20cm pale blue flws,alpine meadows D
346.Gentiana tibetica 4200m,Shaluli Shan, China
Simile to G.crassicaul.white flws, meadows,forest clearings 2011 - A
347.Gentiana tubiflora 4100m Roth.pass, Indie
Dwarf cushins,leafy stems 2-5cm,big blue flws, alpine meadows, 2014 - E
348.Gentiana trichotoma 4500m, Da-Xue-Shan, China
Tufted peren,erect scapes to 35cm,blue flws, forest clearings 2015 - C
349.Gentiana veitchiorum 4500m, Min Shan, China
Dense cushions,stems 5-10cm,dark blue flws,alpine meadows 2015 - D
350.Gentiana veitchiorum 4200m Quinghai, China
Simile to above seeds to 2011 - B
351.Gentiana verna 2100m Falacron mts. Greece
Dwarf cushions,blue flws,5-10cm, alpine meadows 2015 - C
352.Gentiana verna 1900m, S.Cantabrica, Spain
To same plant,goog small from 2015 -C
353.Gentiana verna ssp.angulosa 2700m, Pontic Alps, Turkey
Robust plant 10cm, biggest blue flws, alpine meadows D
354.Gentiana verna ssp.balcanica 1900m, Suva planina, Makedonie
More robust plant,scapes to 5cm,blue flws,alpine meadows 2015 -C
355.Gentiana wilsonii 4800m.Shaluli Shan, China
Tufted peren.erect scapes,20-30cm,pale blue flws,alpine meadows 2015 - E
356.Gentiana robusta 4400m, Annapurna, Nepal
But smaller lvs,white flws,20-50cm,alpine meadows,stony hills 2013 - A
357.Gentiana macrophylla 4100m, Anyemaquen Shan, China
Smaller blue flws,20-30cm, alpine meadows, 2013 - B
358.Gentiana zekuensis 3400m, Datong Shan,China
Taller perenn, 20-40cm, blue flws,meadows, forest 2011 - A
359.Gentiana walujewii 3600m, Pamir, Kyrgyztan
Tufted perren, 20-30cm, white-blue flws,alpine meadows E
360.Geranium wallichianum 3500m, Garwal Himal,Indie
Leafy stems 20-50cm, pale purple flws,alpine meadows 2014 - B
361.Geum elatum 4100m,Marphi, Indie
Tufted perenn,15-25cm,big yellow flws,alpine meadows 2014 - C
362.Geum montanum 2100m,Pirin mts. Bulgaria
Tufted perenn. 20-30cm green pinnate lvs,big yellow flws, alpine meadows 2015 - C
363.Geum montanum 2200m, Vranica, Bosna
The same plant from other lokalit 2015 - C
364.Gladiolus italicus 2100m, Ermenek,Turkey
Stems 20-30cm,rose-purple flws, dry slopes 2013 - A
365.Globularia incanescens 1800m, Apuanske Alpy, Italie
Very small plant,silver lvs 10-15cm dark blue flws,crevices rocks, 2013 - C
366.Globularia nana 1800m S.Cantabrica, Spain
Very Compact prostrate plants,pale to dark blue flws,rocks 2013 - B
367.Globularia velutina 1500m, Segovia mts. Spain
Very Compact glaucous plant,blue flws, 10-20cm,sunny slopes 2013 - B
368.Globularia orientalis 1600m, Karaca Dag, Turkey
Several blue flws, 10-20cm,glaucous lvs,stony slopes B
369.Gueldenstaedtia himalaica 3600m, Garwal Himal.India
Cushions to small mats,dark purple flws,5cm, alpine meadows 2014 -D
370.Gypsophilla cerastioides 4100m, Marhi, Indie
Cushions of sort green lvs,white flws,5-10cm, alpine meadows 2014 - B
371.Gypsophilla petrea 200m, Bucegi mts. Romania
Cushions of glaucous linear lvs,white flws,5-10cm rock crevices 2015 -C
372.Gypsophilla sp. 3600m, Pamir, Kyrgyztan
Very dwarf plant,2-5cm,pink rose flws,gneiss scree, F
373.Glaucium flavum 3100m, Annapurna, Nepal
Strongly glaucous perenn.many orange flws,20-30cm, dry sunny hills 2013 - A
374.Genista albida 2100m, Bolgar Dag, Turkey
Very dwarf Compact cushions 1-5yellow flws,stony slopes, D
375.Genista carinalis 1800m, Rhodopi mts, Bulgaria
Very dwarf Compact cushions,yellow flws,10-15cm, stony slopes 2014 B
376.Genista involucrata 1800m, Taskhent, Turkey
Low manybranched subshrub 10-20cm,1-4 yellow flws. Dry stony places D
377.Halimium atriplicifolium 1700m, Segura, Spain
Shrub to 1m,yellowish flws, rocky slopes 2016 - B
378.Halimium alyssifolium S.Cabrera 1600m, Spain
Shrub to 20-30cm,white flws,narrow greinish lvs.sunny rocky slopes 2016 - B
379.Halimium umbellatum 1800m S.Cabrera, Spain
Small shrub 20-30cm,narrow greinish lvs,sunny rocky slopes 2016 - B
380.Halimium viscosum 1600m, Segovia,Spain
Small shrublet 20-50cm,white flws,rocky slopes 2016 - B
381.Hedysarum erythroleucum 2200m,Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Dwarf tufted peren,bright purple flws,10-20cm,limest.rocky slopes D
382.Hedysarum kumaonense 4100m, Annapurna, Nepal
Dwarf tufted peren,purple flws,10-20cm,rocky sunny slopes, 2013 - B
383.Hedysarum pestalozzae 1800m, Sivas, Turkey
Cushions pinnate glaucous-green lvs,purple flws,dry stonny hills 2013 - B
384.Hedysarum syriacum 1800m, Darende, Turkey
Dwarf tufted peren,purple flws, 20-30cm, alpine meadows C
385.Hedysarum kirghisorum 3200m, Pamir, Kyrgyztan
Dwarf tufted peren, bright purple flws,15-30cm, alpine meadows D
386.Helianthemum apenninum ssp.estevei 1900m, S.Nevada, Spain
Compaq cushions 5-10cm, silvery grey lvs, white flws,rocky slopes 2016 - D
387.Helianthemum canum ssp. balcanicum 2200m, Pirin, Bulgaria
Compact cushions, 5-10cm,deep yellow flws,limestone rocky slopes 2015 - B
388.Helianthemum croceum 1800m, S.Nevada, Spain
Low suffruticose plant,yellow flws,5-10cm,dry sunny hills 2015 - B
389.Helianthemum germanicopolitanum 1600m.Cankiri.Turkey
Tuft or erect leafy stems,10-15cm,yellow flws, sunny stone slopes C
390.Helianthemum strikeri 2800m. Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Compaq cushins,grep lvs,5-10cm,bright yellow flws,sunny stony slopes C
391.Helichrysum sibtorpi 2100m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Low Compact cushions,yellow flws,10-20cm,stony slopes B
392.Helichrysum chionophylum 1800m Sipikor Dag. Turkey
Low Compact cushions,1-5yellow flws ,10-15cm,dry hills B
393.Hemiphragma heterophyllum 4000m, Da-Xue-Shan, China
Creeping plant,many pink flws,red berries,5-10cm alpine meadows, 2015 - D
394.Hemerocalis minor 2100m, Sajan mts, Russia
Tufted peren to 40cm,yellow flws,forest clearings,meadows, 2014 - A
395.Hippophae tibetana 4100m,Chola Shan,China
Dwarf subshrub 30-50cm,silvery-grey hairy lvs,stony places 2015 - A
396.Hypericum aviculariifolium ssp.uniflorum 2100m Dedegol Dag Turkey
Small plants,5-10cm,golden yellow flws, limestone rocky slopes C
397.Hypericum lydium 2400m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Dwarf cushions,linear lvs, many of dark yellow flws, 10-20cm,stony slopes B
398.Hypericum aviculariifolium ssp.depilatum v. bourci 2100m Tahtali D. Turkey
Decumbent stems 3-10cm,several white or yellow flws, limestone rocky slopes D SOLD
399.Hypericum imbricatum 1800m,Ojuklu Dag. Turkey
Very dwarf plant 1-3cm,glaucous lvs,1-3 yellow flws, limestone rocks E
400.Hedysarum varium 1700m, Sivas, Turkey
Large cushions,silvery geen lvs,yellow or purple gypsum hills C
401.Iberis pruitii 1800m, Mt,Cheiron,France
Dwarf plants,5-10cm,white flws,sunny stony slopes 2013 -A
402.Iberis taurica 2500m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Dwarf plants.snowy white flws, 5-8cm stonny slopes B
403.Iberis sempervivoides 2000m.Sultan Dag, Turkey
Suffruticose plant,5-10cm white flws, stony places B
404.Inula acaulis ssp. caulescens 2100m, Sipikor Dag. Turkey
Dwarf peren 1-3 yellow flws, 10-15cm, damp places C
405.Inula rhizocephala 3100m, T.Shan Kyrgyztan
Dwarf caespitose plant,5-8yellow flws,submersed in rosettes, alpine grassland D
406.Incarvillea compacta 4100m,Serchu,China
Short stemed plants,10-15cm,red purple flws,stony slopes 2013 - C
407.Incarvillea mairei 4200m, Shaluli Shan, China
15-25cm, red purple flws,alpine flws, 2015 - B
408.Incarvillea delavayi 4200m, Chola Shan, China
15-30cm,pink purple flws,alpine meadows 2015 - C
409.Incarvillea zhongdianensis 3800m, Zhongdian range, China
Simile to compacta,big red flws,stony and loamy places 2015 - D
410.Iris ruthenica 2300m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Dosely rhizomatic plant,m10-20cm light blue flws,alpine grassland C
411.Iris reichenbachii 2100m, Prokleti mts. Makedonie
Tuft or small cushions,solitary yellow flws,10-15cm, limestone rocks, 2014 -C
412.Iris suaveolens 2200m, Karadzica mts, Makedonia
Rhizomatic plants,10-15cm,golden yellow flws,limestone rocks D SOLD
413.Iris schachtii 2100m, Gok Pinar,Turkey
Rizom.plants,15-25cm,pale yellow flws,stony slopes D
414.Iris lactea 2500m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Cushion of linears lvs,pale to dark blue flws,30-50cm,alpine meadows B
415.Iris millesii 2300m,Manali, India

Cushion linears lvs, 30-50cm violet flws, alpine meadows 2013 - A

Seed list 2017/2018 (7.)

6. ledna 2018 v 13:42

416.Iris junonia 2300m, Kupe Dag, Turkey
Low plant 15-30cm, 1-3flws.on scape of yellow,viole tor brownish,limest.rocky slopes C SOLD
417.Iris potaninii 3100m, Pamir, Kyrgyztan
Low plant.almost stemless,pale blue-lila flws, 10-20cm, alpine meadows E
418.Iris sari 1800m Sivas, Turkey +
Sect, Ococyclus, purple blue flws, sunny dry hills F
419.Jasione laevis 1800m,Quadarama, Spain
Dwarf cushions,5-10cm, blue flws,stony slopes 2015 - C
420.Jasione supina ssp. tmolea 2000m,Boz Dag. Turkey
Cushions or mats,linear undulace lvs,blue flws,5-10cm,stony slopes C
421.Jasione supina ssp.amethystina,2800m, S.Nevada, Spain
Dwarf green cushions,pale to dark blue flws,2-5cm,stony slopes 2016 - D
422.Jasione orbiculatum 2100m,Kajmackalan, Greece
Dwarf plant 5-10cm,glabrous,rounded lvs,pale blue flws. Alpine meadows 2015 - B
423.Juno galatica 1500m, Bayburt, Turkey +
Dwarf bulbs plants,5-10cm,pale violet flws, dry stony slopes F SOLD
424.Juno kuschakewiczii 2500m, T,Shan, Kyrgyztan +
Dwars bulb plants 5-10cm, creame-pale blue flws, dry stony slopes G
425.Juno pestalozzae, 2100m, Nemrut Dag. Turkey +
Dwarf bulbs plant, 5-10cm, white-yellow flws, dry stony slopes G
426.Juno willmontiae
Rhizomatic plant, 20-30cm, light blue flws, granite scree, garden E
427.Jurinea cadmea 2100m Boz Dag. Turkey
Dosely tufted dwarf peren, pale purple flws,10-15cm, stony slopes D SOLD
428.Jurinea algida 3200m,Pamir, Kyrgyztan
Tufted dwarf peren,10-20cm,rose-pink flws.stony slopes D
429.Jurinella moschus ssp.moschus 3000m, Palandoken Turkey
Dwarf plant.pinnate green lvs,big stemless bright pink flws, screes D
430Kaufmannia brachyanthera, 2400m.T.Shan, Kyrgystan
10-25cm high,yelow flws,tuften of green lvs,damp places,forest, D
431.Lagotis cashmeriana 4500m,Ladakh,Indie
Tuftrd plants,10-20cm, blue flws, stony slopes 2014- C
432.Lagochilus zerazhanicus,2800m,Tlas Ala - Toosu, Kyrgyztan
Compact cushions 10-20cm white-rose flws,sunny stone slopes E
433.Lagochilus platycalyx 3100m,T.Shan,Kyrgystan
Compact cushions. 10-20cm,white flws,sunny stone places D
434.Lallemantia canescens 2400m, Kopp pass, Turkey
Tufted peren,15-20cm,glaucous dentate lvs,dark blue flws, stony slopes B
435.Leontopodium nanum 3100m, T,Shan, Kyrgyztan
Caespitosa plant,5-10cm,white tomentose foliace,white edelweis,alpine meadows E
436.Leontopodium nanum 4800m, Ladakh, Indie
As above, diffrent lokality 2014 - D
437.Leontopodium halophyllum 3400m, Shaluli Shan, China
Dwarf cushions,silvery hairy rosettes,leafy stems 10-20cm,alpine meadows, 2015 - D
438.Leontopodium junpeianum 4600m Da-Xue-Shan, China
Dwarf plant creating cushions silver lvs,10-20cm, alpine meadows. 2014 - C
439.Leontopodium jacotianum 3500m, Garwal Himal,Indie
Very good small plant,5-10cm,silvery-white lanate linear lvs,alpine meadows 201 - C
440.Leontopodium ochroleucum 3100m, Alai,Kyrgyztan
Grey lanate plant,10-20cm,big flws,alpine meadows D
441.Leontopodium souliei 4200m, Da-Xue-Shan, China
Silvery grep plant,10-15cm, alpine meadows, 2013 - B
442.Leontopodium af. artemisifolium,3200m, Shika Shan, China
Dwarf cushions,silvery hair rosettes,leafy stems 10-20cm,alpine meadows, 2016 - C
443.Leontopodium sp, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Very dwarf silver cushions,5-10cm of silke silver lvs.alpine meadows E
444.Leiospora eriocalyx 3800m, Kyrgyztan
Dwarf prostate plant,large rose to violet flws,3-5cm,mountain grassland F
445.Lavandula angustifolia 1300m, Jaca, Spain
Low subshrub, 20-40cm, pale-blue violet flws, sunny places 2013 - A
446.Ligularia algida 3800m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Dosely tufted,narrow lvs,interesting yellow flws,20-30cm,stony slopes,meadows, E
447.Lilium albanicum 2100m, Komovi, Monte Negro
Leafy stems 15-30cm,yellow flws, alpine meadows, 2015 - B
448.Lilium cataonicum 2100m, Durmitor, Monte Negro
Stems 30-60cm, dark red violet flws,alpine meadows, 2015 - D
449.Linum aretioides 2000m, Boz Dag, Turkey
Very dwarf dense cushions,solitary stemless,yelow flws,stony slopes F
450.Linum cariensis 2100m, Sultan Dag, Turkey
Simile to L.aretioides digger yelow flws, 5-10cm,stony ridges E
451.Linum empetrifolium 2300m, Bolkar Dag, Turkey +
Dwarf beautiful plant,strongly glaucous,leafy erect stems 2-8cm,1-3big blue flws,
On scape,limestone stony and rocky slopes F
452.Linum hirsutum ssp.pseudoanatolicum 1300m, Karaman, Turkey
Erect-ascending leafy stems 15-35cm, to levander blue, sunny slopes C
453.Linum mucronatum ssp. armenum 1800m, Bozkir, Turkey
Strongly glaucous lvs.erect branched stems 10-15cm, golden yellow flws,stony slopes D
454.Linum mucronatum ssp.gypsicola 1600m, Cankiri,Turkey
Very dwarf plants,5-10cm, big golden flws, gypsum hills C
455.Linum mucronatum ssp.mucronatum 1800m Takhent, Turkey
Dwarf dense cushions,5-10cm,several yellow flws,dry hills D
456.Linum suffruticosum 1800m,Pyreneje, Spain
Dwarf beautiful plant,10-20cm, white-creame flws,limestone stony slopes 2013 - D
457.Linum suffruticosum Sun Spain, 1800m, Spain
Dwarf beautiful plant,5-10cm,creame apricot flws,limest.sunny places 2013 - E
458.Linum capitatum 1800m, Pirin mts. Bulgaria
Glaucous-green lvs, 10-20cm, big golden yellows flws,alpine meadows 2015 - B
459.Linum perenne 1600m Suva planina Makedonia
Erect peren,leaved stems 25-30cm,large pink flws,alpine meadows 2014 - B
460.Lonicera olgae 2800m, Pamiro-Alai, Kyrgyztan
Shrub 20-30cm,narrow lvs,creamy-white flws,stony slopes E
461.Lonicera violacea 3500m T.Shan Kyrgystan
Small many branched shrub 40-80cm,big white flws,violacea fruits, C
462.Lindelofia stylosa 4300m, Ladakh range, Indie
Tufted plants 20-30cm,dark blue flws,Boraginacea fam. Gypsum hills 2014 - C
463.Lindelofia olgae 3100m, Pamir Kyrgystan
Tufted plant 20-30cm, violet flws,alpine meadows D
464.Limonium hoeltzeri 2500m T.Sham, Kyrgyztan
Tufted perenn, 10-20cm white flws, sunny slopes C
465.Lactuca intricata 2100m Boz Dag Turkey
Low suffruticose subshrub,10-25cm,blue flws, dry stone slopes C
466.Lagotis yunnanensis 4300m Da-Xue-Shan China
Tufted plant 5-10cm blue flws,in dense inflorescence,stony slopes 2013 - B
467.Leontopodium stracheyi 3500m Min Shan, China
Tufted perenn,leafy stems 10-20cm,silver flws, alpine meadows 2015 - D
468.Mathiola anchonifolium 1600m Hazanli Dag Turkey
Low strongly white toment. Perenn,10-20cm, dark brown flws,stony slopes D
469.Mathiola trojanum 1800m, Kaz Dag Turkey
Dwarf tomentose plant,10-15cm,white-rose flws,dry stony slopes D
470.Meconopsis horridula 4800m, Annapurna Nepal
Dwarf plant 20-30cm,solitare blue flws,scree stony slopes 2013 - C
471.Meconopsis integrifolia 3500m, Min Shan China
Stems 20-50cm, big yellow flws,alpine meadows, 2015 - C
472.Meconopsis acuelata 3800m Rothang pass Indie
Nice plant 20-40cm, bright blue flws, alpine meadows 2014 - C
473.Meconopsis punicea 3600m Min Shan, China
25-50cm stems branched at base,bright red flws,alpine meadows, 2013- C
474.Meconopsis racemosa 4100m Chola Shan China
25-50cm,spinned, many of blue flws, stony slopes 2013 - B
475.Meconopsis rudis 4400m Chola Shan, China
Glaucous-green strongly spined lvs,bright blue flws, limestone rocky slopes 2013 - B
476.Meconopsis lanceolata 4500m Da-Xue-Shan China
Stems 10-20cm, solitary blue flws,alpine meadows, 2015 - D
477.Merendera pyrenaica 1800m Pyreneja Spain
Bulb plant, 10-15cm, autumn pale rose flws, alpine meadows 2015 - D
478.Minuartia juniperina 2000m Nif Dag Turkey
Compaq spined cushions, white flwsw, 10-20cm, stony slopes A
479.Minuartia kashmirica 3800m Garwal Himal India
Dense pale green cushions,short linear lvs,2-5cm white flws, rock crevices 2014 - D
480.Minuartia saxifraga ssp. tmolea 2000m Boz Dag Turkey
Very dense silver cushions,more white flws, 2-5cm stony slopes C
481.Minuartia juressi ssp. juressi 2100m Boz Dag Turkey
Compact cushions, 2-8cm white flws, rock crevices E
482.Minuartia sp. 3600m Talas Ala-Toosu
Very dwarf cushions 5-10cm, white flws, stony slopes D
483.Moltkia aurea 1500m Bozkir Turkey
Compaq tufts of narrowly silky silver lvs,yellow flws10-15cm dry slopes D
484.Moltkia caerulea 1500m Elmali Dag Turkey
Like above,but dark blue flws D
485.Moltkia petrea 1400m Biokovo Croatia
Small sufruticose shrublet,10-20cm, many azure blue flws,limestone rocks 2014 - C
486.Morina longifolia 3800m Garwal Himal Indie
Tufted perens,15-25cm rose purply flws,alpine meadows 2014 -C
487. Michauxia campanulata 1600m Ala Dag Turkey
Tall plant to 1m,grey-green hairy lvs,many white flws,5-8cm, across,monocarpic D
488.Korolkowia sewertzovii 1400m Talas Ala-Toosa, Kyrgyztan
Bulb pl,30-40cm,grey-green lanceolate lvs.dark purple/greenish flws, limest.scree D
489.Narcissus bulbocodium v.nivalis 1700m Pyreneje Spain

Bulbs pl.linear green lvs,big yellow flws,alpine meadows 10-15cm D

Seed list 2017/2018 (8.)

6. ledna 2018 v 13:42
490.Narcissus rupicola 1700m Quadarama, Spain
Bulbs pl, solitary yellow smaller flws, stony slopes E
491.Narcissus pseudonarcissus ssp. eugenii 1800m Pyreneje Spain
Bulbs pl, solitary yellow flws, 10-15cm, alpine meadows E
492.Narcissus triandus v.album 1800m, S.Cantabrica Spain +
Bulbs pl,linear green lvs, 10-15cm, solitary white flws,alpine meadows E
493.Notholorion bulbiferum 4000m Da-Xue-Shan China
Stem to 1m,pale pink violet flws, stony slopes 2013 - A
494.Onosma microcarpum 1800m Gumusane Turkey
Tufted plants, linear lvs 10-20cm, white flws, steppe C
495.Onosma confertum 3100m Zhongd. Range China
Tufted plant,linear lvs, pale red flws,20-30cm, stony slopes 2014 - D
496.Onosma taurica 1600m, Konavka hills Bulgaria
Tufted plant,linear silver lvs,yellow flws,20-30cm stony slopes B
497.Onosma nana 2100m Tahtali Dag Turkey
Tufted plant, linear silver lvs, 10-20cm big blue flws, stony slopes F
498.Onosma nemoricolum 1600m Gok Pinar Turkey
Silver linear lvs, 10-20cm,big yellow flws,dry hills D
499.Oxytropis humifusa 4800m Zanskar Indie
Dwarf, Compact silver cushions,purple violet flws,5-10cm,dry stony slopes 2014 -C
500.Oxytropis prenja 2100m Mavrovo, Monte Negro
Dwarf silvery-grey cushions,purple blue flws, 10-15cm stony places 2014 - C
501.Oxytropis chionobia 3400m T.Shan Kyrgystan
Very dwarf cushions,5-10cm, many of blue-violet flws,stony slopes F
502.Oxytropis urumovii 2100m Pirin Bulgaria
Stemless and tufted lvs, 10-20cm,light yellow flws, alp.meadows 2015 - C
503.Oxytropis williamsii 3200m Annapurna Nepal
Tufted and dosely 10-20cm,rose-purple flws, stony slopes 2013- C
504.Oxytropis platonychia 3200m Pamir Kyrgyztan
Very dwarf cushions, 5-10cm,palu blue flws, stony slopes F
505.Origanum acutidens 2000m Karagol Dag Turkey
Cushions woody at base,orbicular lvs,10-20cm pink flws stony slopes A
506.Oxygraphis glacialis 4100m, Rothang pass India
Dwarf plant to 5cm,green lvs, yellow flws, cold places 2014 - A
507.Otostegia olgae 2700m Alai, Kyrgystan
Dwarf cushions 10-20cm,white flws,sunny stone places D
508.Onobrychis echidna 2800m Kyrgystan +
Tufted perenn, silvery hairy lvs,20-30cm,light red flws,sunny stone places F
509.Paeonia mascula ssp. arietina 2000m Karagol Dag Turkey
Erect stems 30-50cm,red flws,forest clearings E
510.Paeonia peregrina 1500m Nif Dag Turkey
20-30cm stems,red flws,stony slopes forest 2013 - C
511.Phlomis capitata 2100m Bolkar Dag Turkey
Tufts or cushions,15-20cm dark yellow flws,alpine meadows D
512.Phlomis oppositifolia 2000m Ercias Dag Turkey
Tuft or cushions,silv.lanate lvs,15-30cm big yellow flws.grassy slopes C
513.Phlomis fruticosa1800m Parnass mts Greece
Tufted plant,white lanate lvs 20-40cm yellow flws sunny hills C
514.Phlomis leucophrata1500m Dedegol Dag Turkey
Tufted plant to 1m,brownish yellow flws,limestone rocks B
515.Phlomis armeniaca 2100m Sultan Dag Turkey
Cushions,narrow strongly white lanate lvs,big yellow flws,sunny stony slopes D
516.Phlomis angustissima 1800m Dirmil pass Turkey
Dense cushions,white lanate lvs, yellow flws, 15-30cm, dry stony slopes D
517.Phlomis sieheana Salda lake Turkey
Very dense cushions,narrow lanate lvs, big yellow flws,10-20cm sunny hills D
518.Phlomis kotschyana Karaman Turkey
Very dense cushions,white lanate lvs,yellow flws 20-30cm, sunny hills D
519.Phlomis physocalyx 1900m, AkDag Turkey
Very dense cushions,white lanate lvs, big yellow flws,10-20cm stony slopes D
520.Phlomis oreophilus 2300m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Very dense cushion,lanate lvs, 10-20cm, yellow flws, stony slopes D
521.Papaver tianschanicum 2500m T.Shan Kyrgyztan
Dosely tufted plant 10-20cm,yellow flws, gypsum hills D
522.Parrya fruticulosa 2800m, Alai Kyrgyztan
Caespitosa plant 5-10cm,lanceolate lvs,large lilac flws, gneiss crevices F
523.Parrya pinatifida 3200m T.Shan Kyrgyztan
Caespitosa plant,5-10cm, rose pink flws gneiss crevicess F
524.Parrya pulvinata 3200m T.Shan Kyrgystan +
Caespitosa plant, 5-10cm,linear lvs, big white flws, rocky slopes G
525.Parrya stenocarpa 3500m T.Shan Kyrgyztan +
Caespitosa plant, 5-10cm, rose pink flws, gneiss crevices F
526.Paraquilegia grandiflora 3600m T.Shan Kyrgyztan +
White form,small caespitose plant,5-10cm,large pale blue flws, rock crevices G
527.Patrinia intermedia 2800m T.Shan Kyrgyztan
Dense tufts,deeply tufted lvs,yellow flws,20-30cm alpine meadow D
528.Phyteuma orbiculare 1800m Komovi Monte Negro
Green lvs,dark blue flws,10-15cm,limestone rocks 2015 - C
529.Phyteuma pseudo-orbicularis 2100m Vranica Bosna
Dense tuftes linear lvs,pale blue flws 10-15cm alpine meadows 2015 - C
530.Phyteuma confusa 1800m Vranica Bosna
Dense tuftes,linear lvs,5-10cm, pale blue flws, alpine meadows 2015 - D
531.Phyteuma comosum 1800m Tremalzo Italie +
Small caespitose plants,5-10cm,pale purple.whittish flws, F
532.Phyllodoce caerulea
Cushion of erect branches.10-20cm,pale rose flws,garden D
533.Polygonatum hookeri 4100m Annapurna Nepal
Linear lvs, 10-15cm,pale rose flws,alpine meadows 2013 - D
534.Polygala microphylla 1700m, S.Cabrera Spain
Dwarf plant,10-15cm, very dark blue flws,subalpine meadows F
535.Parnnasica cabulica 4200m Rothang pass Indie
Dwarf plant 15-25cm big white flws,alpine meadows 2014 - B
536.Potentilla atrosanquinea 3400m Garwal Himal Indie
Tufted plants 10-25cm,dark red purple flws, alpine meadows 2014 - B
537.Potentilla biflora 4200m Annapurna Nepal
Dense cushions,1-3yellowish flws,5-10cm rocky slopes 2013 - -C
538.Potentilla microphylla 4200m Rothang plant Indie
Dosely tufted 5-10cm,yellow flws,rocky open slopes 2014 -D
539Potentilla microphylla 4100m Langtang Nepal
As above diffrent locality 2013 - D
540.Potentilla pamiroalaica 3200m Pamir Kyrgyztan
Very dense cushions, 5-15cm, yellow flws,green glaucous lvs,stony slopes D
541.Potentilla hololeuca 3400m Pamir Kyrgyztan
Very dwarf cushions, 5-15cm,yellow flws, stony slopes D
542.Paederota bonarota 2000m, Tremalzo Italie
Leafy stems 5-15 cm ,green dentate lvs,blue flws,limestone rocks C
543.Primula algida 2500m Sajany Russia
Like above but lvs, 2-6cm pink flws,alpine meadows C
544.Primula algida 3200m T.Shan Kyrgyztan
As above diffrent locality C
546.Primula atrodentata 3500m Garwal Himal Indie
Small plant 10-20cm.pale to dark pink flws,alpine meadows 2014 - C
547.Primula dryadifolia 4800m Beima Shan China
Dwarf Compact cushions, 1-4 big rose-purple flws,screes 2015 -G
548.Primula involucrata 3500m Rothang pass Indie
Tiny plant withshort lvs,several pink flws,10-15cm,moist places 2014 - C
549.Primula longipetiolata 4200m Da-Xue-Shan China
Tufted narrow lvs,big lila purple to levander blue flws 15-20cm,west places 2015 - E
550.Primula iljinski 3500m Pamir Kyrgyztan
Very time plant,green lvs,2-5cm, pink flws,moist places E
551.Primula macrophylla ssp.moocroftiana 4100m Rothang pass Indie
Tufted plants,15-20cm,narrow lvs farinose beneath,purple flws,screes 2014 - F
552.Primula meeboldii 5100m Kasmir Indie
Tufted plant 15-20cm narrow lvs, farinose,big levander-blue flws stalle scree 2014 - F
553.Primula minkwitziae 3200m T.Shan Kyrgyztan
Tufted plant 10-20cm,bright pink-rose flws,subalpine rocks F
554.Primula minor 4500m Beima Shan China
Tine plant 4-8cm,farinose beneath 2-5 big pale rose-purple slopes 2015 - F
555.Primula marginata 1800m Mt. Cheiron France
Tufts or cushions,farinose lvs,bluish-lila flws,5-10cm limestone rocks C
556.Primula florida 4200m Da-Xue-Shan China
Tiny plant 5-15cm,deeply pinnate lvs,big rose-purple flws,alpine meadows 2015 - F
557.Primula cortusoides
Tufted plants 10-20cm, pink rose flws, garden A
558.Primula integrifolia 2100m Fr.Alpy France
Compact cushions,bright green lvs,pink rose flws, 5-10cm,alpine meadows 2013 - A
559.Primula deorum 2100m Rila mts Bulgaria

Tuft-cushions forming plants,pink red flws 10-15cm wet places 2014 - D

Seed list 2017/2018 (9.)

6. ledna 2018 v 13:40
560.Primula exigua 1800m Rila Bulgaria
Very tiny plant,green lvs, pink flws 5-10cm,moist places 2014 - D
561.Primula orbicularis 4100m Min Shan China
Dense tufts of narrow lvs,yellow flws, 20-30cm, alpine meadows 2013 - C
562.Primula pulchella 4100m Zhong. Range China
Dosely tufted,narrow lvs,purplish blue flws,10-15cm,stony slopes 2015 - E
563.Primula pamirica 3800m Pamir Kyrgyztan
Small caespitosa plant gound lvs, 5-12cm rose flws,alpine grassland E
564.Primula rosea 4100m Rothang pass Indie
Tufts of green lvs, 10-15cm,dark rose flws,cold alpine meadows 2014 - C
565.Primula sikkimensis 4300m Beima Shan China
Robust plant to 30-50cm,yellow flws,moist places 2015 - C
566.Primula turkestanica 3400m T.Shan Kyrgyztan
Linear lanceolate farinosa lvs.purple flws,15-30cm,cold moist places E
567.Primula woodwardii 4300m Anyemaquen Shan China
Narrow lvs,farinose at base levander blue flws,10-15cm,moist places 2015 - D
568.Primula zambalensis 4300m Beima Shan China
Dwarf tufts,short lvs,10-15cm,blue flws,moist places 2015 - C
569.Primula spectabilis 2100m Maniva Italie
Wide dark green leave rosette, 10-15cm red-rose flws limestone rocky slopes C
570.Primula af. alpicola 4200m Da-Xue-Shan China
Tuft many,yellow flws 20-35cm,alpine meadows 2013 - A
571Primula sek, Nivalis 4500m Beima Shan China
Simply plants 20-30cm, moist places 2015 - A
572.Prunus prostrata 2300m Dedegol Dag Turkey
Low prostrate shrub,pale pink flws,20-30cm limestone stony slopes B SOLD
573.Pulsatilla ambigua 2100m Sajan mts Russia
Finely pinnate lvs, 10-20cm big blue flws mountain meadows 2014 - C
574.Pulsatillla campanella 3200m T,Shan Kyrgyztan
Caespitosa pl,finely bipinnate lvs,15-25cm, blue flws,subalpine grassland D
575.Pulsatilla patens ssp.trissecta 2100m Sajan mts. Russia
Sparsely hairy parted lvs,15-20cm,big sulphur yellow flws, alpine meadows 2014 - E
576.Pulsatilla alpina 2100m Mt Cenis France
Tufted plants, 15-20cm,big solitary white flws, alpine meadows D
577.Putoria calabrica 1700m Dedegol Dag Turkey
Vera dwarf decumbent woody plant,5-10cm, dark pink flws,black berries C
578.P terocephallus hookeri 4100m Shaluli Shan China
Densely tufted plant 15-25cm white to creame flws,alpine meadows 2015 - D
579.Pterocephalus pinnardii 2100m Ermenek Turkey
Cushion.mats,grey hairy pinnate lvs,pink rose flws, sunny slopes D SOLD
580.Ptylotrichum spinosum 1800m S.Cazorla Spain
Many branched spined subshrub,10-20cm,pink flws sony slopes 2012 - A
581.Ptylotrichium purpureum 2800m S.Nevada Spain
Very dwarf plant 2-5cm,silver-grey Compact cushion ,stemless pale to dark pink flws Stony slopes 2016 - G
582.Pyrethrum karelinii 3500m Pamir Kyrgyztan
Small white hairy prostratepl,large white flws,10-15cm gneiss crevices E
583.Pyrethrum pyrethroides 3500m T.Shan Kyrgyztan
Prostrate pl.large white flws, large white flws,rocky slopes E
584.Pyrethrum transsilliensis 3200m Talas Ala-Toosu Kyrgyztan
Prostrate plant,large white flws,10-20cm, rocky slope E
585.Ranunculus gregarianus 2100m Pyreneje Spain
High pinnatisect.dark green lvs,10-15cm,big yellow flws, alpine meadows 2016 -D
586.Ranunculus millefoliatus 1800m Pyreneje Spain
Leafy stems 10-15cm, yellow flws alpine meadows 2016 - B
587.Ranunculus pyrenaeus 1800m S.Cantabrica Spain
Leafy stems 5-10cm, white flws, 10-20cm alpine meadows 2016 -D
588.Ranunculus thora 2200m Komovi Monte Negro
Low plant 5-15cm, yellow flws, stony alpine meadows 2015 - B
589.Rosa albertii 2600m T.Shan Kyrgyztan
Shrub 1-2m,big rose-purply flws,alpine meadows B
590.Rosa kokanica 2500m T.Shan Kyrgyztan
Shrub 1-2m, yellow flws,alpine meadows B
591.Rosa persica 2100m T.Shan Kyrgyztan
Interesting low subshrub 10-30cm,yellow-red flws, sunny rocky slopes E
592.Rhododendron camtschaticum
Low shrub 10-25cm red flws garden B
593.Rhododendron ferrugineum 2100m Mt.Cenis France
Dwarf shrub to 50cm, bright red flws, alpine meadows C
594.Rhododendron hirsutum 2500m Maniva Italie
Dwarf shrub 30-50cm, bright red-rose flws, alpine meadows C
595.Rrododendron nivale 4100m Annapurna Nepal
Very dwarf shrubs 10-20cm, red flws stony slopes,meadows 2013 - C
596.Rhododendron af.saluense 4500m Beima Shan China
Very dwarf shrub,5-10cm bright green lvs,rose flws,alpine meadows 2013 - C
597.Rhododendron anthopogon 4200m Rothang pass Indie
Low shrub 30-40cm white to pink flws, alpine meadows 2014 - C
598.Rhododendron sp, 4200m Yak Kharka Nepal
Dwarf shrubs, 10-20cm, dark red flws, alpine meadows 2014 C
599.Rosularia libanotica 2300m Bolkar Dag Turkey
Small cushions 5-15cm white flws,limestone rocky slopes A
600.Rosularia alpestris 3200m T.Shan Kyrgyztan rosettes 2-5cm rose flws,limestone crevices D
601.Rosularia turkestanica 2800m T.Shan Kyrgyztan
Spathulate lvs 3-6cm,large rosettes,pale rose flws, rocks crevices D
602.Roscoea capitata 2900m, Garwal Himal Indie
Small rhizomatic pl,10-20cm,purple red flws, alpine grassland 2014 . B
603.Rhodiola litwinowii 3600m Talas Ala-Toosu Kyrgyztan
Leafy erect stems 10-20cm,pink or yellowish flws, rocky slopes D
604.Raemuria tianschanica 2800m, T.Shan, Kyrgyztan
Dosely tufted,scape 10-20cm, white-rose flws, gipsy hill E
605.Salvia blepharochlaena 1700m Karaman Turkey
Dense strongly hairy plant,15-30cm,big white flws stony slopes E
606.Salvia cryptantha 2100m Bolkar Dag Turkey
Large cushions or mats,white to pink flws 10-20cm dry stony hills C
607.Salvia caespitosa 2100m Tahtali Dag Turkey
Dwarf cushions plant,5-10cm,silvery.grey lvs,2-4big white-yellow flws, stony slopes F
608.Salvia heldraichiana 1800m Beysehir Turkey
Compact shrubby plant 20-40cm, blue-purple flws,rocky slopes D
609.Salvia hausknechtii 2100m Gok Pinar Turkey
Compact, dwarf plant 10-20cm white-rose plant, rocky slopes E
610.Salvia hypergea 1900m Ojuklu Dag Turkey
Dosely tufted,narrow white lanate lvs,blue flws,20-40cm dry stony hills D
611.Salvia pachystachys 2100m Sipikor Dag Turkey
Compact cushions ,grey-greenhairy lvs,big white flws, stony meadows E
612.Salvia lavandulifolia 1800m S.Nevada Spain
Low grey tomentose,10-25cm, blue violet flws,dry stone slopes D
613.Salvia multicaulis 1500m Van Turkey
Simile to S.cryptantha, violet-purple flws,10-20cm,gypsum hills D
614.Salvia pisidica 1400m Bozkir Turkey
Shruby plant 10-20cm, grey hairy lvs,big white flws, rocky sunny slopes D
615.Salvia potentilifolia 1300m Dirmil pass Turkey
Dwarf suffrut. Cushions 10-20cm,yellow to pale violet flws,sunny slopes D
616.Salvia quezelii 2100m Bolkar Dag Turkey
Dwarf cushions,big white flws, 10-20cm, green cutted lvs, limeston.stony slopes E SOLD
617.Salvia rosiifolia 1500m Gumusane Turkey
Similar to S. heldreichii ,but smaller,big purple-rose flws,stony slopes D
618.Salvia yozgadensis 1200m Aksaray Turkey
Erect branched stems, 25-35cm white lanate lvs. White flws D
619.Salvia tchihatchevii 900m Cankiri Turkey
But smaller,pale violet or whittish, gypsum hills
620.Salvia tomentosa 1600m Sultan Dag Turkey
Suffruticose many střed plant 15-30cm,grey tomentose lvs,pale lila flws, stony slopes D
621.Saponaria caespitosa 1800m D.Oreol Spain
Tuft or small cushions, 10-15cm, pale pink flws, limestone rocks 2013 - A
622.Saponaria lutea 2100m Mt.Cenis France
Dwarf cushions,linear lvs, yellow flws, 5-10cm accidic rock crevices B
623.Saponaria pulvinaris 2100m Bolkar Dag, Turkey
Compact green cushions,red flws, 2-5cm, rocky slopes C
624.Saussurea wellbyi 4500m Da-Xue-Shan China
Dense cushions,linear silver lvs,rose pink flws, 5-15cm, stony slopes 2015 - C
625.Saussurea af.minuta 3800m Zhongd. Range China
Dwarf tufted plant, blue flws,5-10cm, alpine meadows 2015 - D
626.Saussurea simpsoniana 3800m Garwal Himal Indie
Dwarf plant,lineary grey lanate lvs, to 5cm,stempless purplish flws,scree 2014 - D
627.Saussurea bracteata 4100m Rothang pass Indie
Tufted peren 20-30cm,several pink flws, stony slopes 2014 - C
628.Saussurea af. gnaphalodes 4100m Zanskar Indie
Small caespitose plant ,5-10cm,blue flws, limestone scree D
629 .Saxifraga andersonii Manang Nepal 3900m
Compact silvery-green cushions, 2-5violet flws,rocky slopes 2013 - C
630.Saxifraga andersonii 4200m Yak Kharka Nepal
As above diffrent locality 2013 C
631.Saxifraga ferdinandi-coburgi 2100m Falakron Greece
Grey-green cushions 2-6cm,dark yellow flws,limestone rocks 2015 - C
632.Saxifraga kotschyi 2100m Sipikor Dag Turkey
Dense green cushions,yellows flws 2-5cm limestone rocks D
633.Saxifraga marginata 1700m Karadzica Makedonia
Dense green cushions,white flws,2-5cm limestone rocks 2015 - B
634. Saxifraga marginata ssp.coriophylla 2100m Vranica Bosna
As above giffrent locality,big rosettes 2015 - C
635.Saxifraga federaci-augusti ssp. grisebachiana 1800m Karadzica Makedonia
Small plants,solit.rosette, dark purplish flws, limestone rock crevices 2014 C
636.Saxifraga parnassifolia 3800m Langtang Nepal
Erect stems 10-15cm,big yellow flws,rocky slopes 2012 -A
637.Saxifraga pentadactylis 2000m S.Quadarama Spain
Grey cushions,white flws 5-15cm acid rocks 2012 -A
638.Saxifraga pentadactylis ssp. willkmononii 1800m S.Cantabrica Spain

Simile to above but smaller,limestone rocks 2012 -A

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